Surface irrigation / flood irrigation bay water sensor.

  • Portable, collapsible and robust construction
  • Multi-phase water detection
  • Link to gate control (GateController)
  • Solar powered
  • GPS enabled
  • Multiple notification options: SMS to phone, cloud and email.

Feature image

Feature image


Surface irrigation / flood irrigation bay water controller.

  • Low cost retrofit of Padman portable gate control timers with TecaLink connectivity module
  • Link to bay water sensor (BaySensor)
  • Control via combination of time, water sense (BaySensor) and cloud schedule
  • Solar powered
  • GPS enabled
  • Optionally operate gate manually at the unit, or via existing Padman Timer.

Cloud Control and Monitoring

  • User friendly operation by Phone, Tablet and PC
  • Secure cloud platform
  • Intelligent control and visual reporting via cloud and SMS
  • Integration of multiple wireless technologies: Telemetry radio, Cellular and GPS.

Feature image

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