Adlai is a good sport.

The water reached my knees.

How big an idiot are you?

I tried to scream.

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Your eyes reflect the echo of my voice.

I was just going to do that.

That's entirely up to him.

The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.

I have no idea what has become of her since.

Esperanto is a modern language that is very suitable for international communication.

I've never had this kind of problem at work.

They stole your wallet on the train.

Jayesh is very late, isn't he?

I have nowhere else to go.

Must I start at once?

I talked my father out of smoking.

Micheal likes to hang out with the bad boys.

We are bound to obey the law.

My husband is always reading in bed.

I know how to handle it.

It is a good idea asking him for help.


If I'm late, I'll be scolded.

That is enough. I have had it with fruitless conversation.

I forgot to lock the door.

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I've only got a minute.

I've learned nothing from the teacher.

We must respect other people's privacy.


He didn't waste any time, did he?

This car can drive on par with that one there.

It has to be destroyed.


Blast it!

I made you aware of reality.

I waited outside for her.

We've run out of beer.

People that think and speak only about themselves are hopelessly uneducated.

She was a Smith before she got married.

Konstantinos bought himself a sport car.

The train is about a half-hour overdue.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

He let me use his typewriter.

I couldn't catch what he said.

I slept too much.

What do you two do for fun?

I haven't had time to do that yet.

I got up late this morning.

Time is pressing every moment.

Don't get discouraged if you should fail.

Why doesn't Morris like Kristin?

I should get Sharada home.

Your mother must have been beautiful when she was young.

Houses can't be built in this area.

I continued taking photographs.

This stew tastes acrid.

This article contains tips for those who are eager to increase their vocabulary.

It hurts terribly.


What are your ambitions?

It seems I made a mistake in the text message because I wrote it while transferring lines in the underground.

Communicating more to the point and directly would help everyone.

Don't worry, everything will be good.

The house is anything but comfortable to live in.

Let's hope for the latter.

Tuna likes to fix things.

Syed was banished from the town.

I burned my fingertip.

Helen can take a break if he wants.

It's still a bad idea.

How do you expect me to do this?

I got something for you.

It's misleading.

My mischievous neighbor.

Her first appearance on the stage was in 1969.

He probably won't approve your proposal.

Whatever I have is yours.

Dan tried to attack the psychiatrist, but the orderlies managed to subdue him and sedate him.


When can I see my grandchild again?

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Marion bet $300 on the fight.


I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.


The bus had already left when we got to the bus stop.

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You won't have to babysit tonight.

I had a new suit made.

I think: Necessity makes inventive.

In winter, I always sleep with wool socks on.

Mold grew on the boots.

Don't go near the dog.

Elric was the only one who thanked me.


Let's replace all of them.

I've managed to talk him into buying a new bed.

Mott was shy.


The program starts at nine o'clock.

The trouble is that I have no money on me now.

I'm awfully afraid of heights.


Grace and Nicolo have many unmarried friends.

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That's just a waste of taxpayer money.

You'll be lucky to find something to eat around here.

Lievaart wanted all the same things I wanted.

Himawan would never admit that.

Contador won the maillot jaune in the Tour de France.

I voted for her.

That's the tallest building I've ever seen.

I'm surprised to see you.

Don't you read a newspaper?

I like to take a shower at night.

This garden is at its best in summer.


Do storks really stand on one leg?

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She takes pride in her good looks.

Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd. Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined. Harpier cries "'Tis time, 'tis time".

You must take into account the fact that he is too young.

I hate this game.

Do you know where George bought his tennis racket?


I'm amazed Sue accepted his proposal.

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We're going to play basketball.

Assembling data from 73 records that overlap in time, the scientists pieced together global average temperatures since the end of the last ice age.

He did not so much as speak to me all the evening.


She missed him a lot.

I don't treat you like enemies.

I don't know why it's not working.

This can't possibly go wrong.

Watch out for the pedestrians.

I'll show you where we can hide.

The boy locked his arm in the girl's.

Is this what you wanted me to buy?

You should hurry.


All the President's Men.

Where's your baggage?

You steal stuff, don't you?

My parents would never allow me to go to Boston with you.

You can't just keep throwing your money away on this kind of thing.


Do you have enough money to buy one?


Slartibartfast's French is getting better.

They went on fighting the fire at the risk of their lives.

The same holds true for Germany.

Is Andreas going to swim tomorrow?

This catterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly.


I can't think of anything.


I taught my wife how to drive.


Clearly, Lojban is easier than Postscript.

Utterly different from Marla was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.

Mac doesn't listen.

Ernie is a Canadian citizen.

I could scarcely breathe.

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I'll explain everything when I see you.


They are inseparable.

Darryl seems kind.

I play the guitar before dinner.

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Why did you tell us first?

I'm really happy.

I tuck my children into bed every night.

I didn't want to tell you that on the phone.

Yesterday I read an interesting story.


Yikes, wait a second!

They arrested Kayvan for disturbing the peace.

He refused to help me.

I told her to wear a tie.

Bobby took a cup out of the cabinet.

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I want a blue pen, a red one and a black one.

What did you want to talk with me about?

I'm beginning to think you don't like me as much as you used to.

This article is cheap.

My son won't listen to me.

Do you know of any good restaurant near here?

You look tired. Shall I take the wheel?

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I don't need your banal platitudes.

Jackye traveled back in time to perform a mission.

He has managed to secure several accounts.

I think Jose and John are identical twins.

Little did I dream that we would expand our business to the U.S.

Proponents of a newer study classify the golden-bellied mangabey as a distinct subspecies.

He wrote out a thorough report.