He came yesterday to see you.

The brim of his soft felt hat hid every inch of his face but the shiny tip of his nose.

Where did Spass buy it?

Simon doesn't want to talk to Vicki right now.

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Her courage during her illness is an inspiration to us all.

I won't try to predict the future.

All I wanted was a little more attention.

The paramedic said there was no safe way to move Betty.

The actress made her debut when she was eight.

Kikki ate the leftovers.

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Sho tell ghost stories.


We can't give you any more details at this time.


Do you want to be my apprentice?

I hope Paola's doing better than we are.

You're way too late.

Maybe Jennifer would be willing to help.

Ahmet clicked his fingers.

Come on, trust me.

I met him on several occasions.

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I'm not afraid of change.

That was a bad idea.

I think maybe Ssi was right.

Why are there so few tramways in North America?

I saw Markus earlier.

Francis hoped Corey could help him.

I thought you would come.

Why are you suing Frances?

Jim can be said to be a man of many talents.

I would die for her.

I'll show you where it is.

Hang your clothes out to dry!

No man is an island, entire of itself.

Daniele is busy right now.

Nici told me that I could use his room.


We're not ready to order yet.

They became lovers.

Are there two bathrooms in the flat?


I don't have Sedat's money.

It told Adrian that I was sorry.

Lincoln Park is a neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago.

Luis is in the other room.

I don't think I did very well.

We have a meeting today at 2:30. It'll be a short one.

Which do you like better: music class or English class?


Do not read during the meal.

I've been told that I should never ask a woman how old she is.

Have you ever been to Europe?

Where can I develop these photos?

I was definitely wrong.

Did you arrest Lex?

My father has never gotten sick in his life.

Good. No absentees.

The fine arts flourished in Italy in the 15th century.

Watching TV is fun.

Adlai whistled through his teeth.

Lynn would fall from her chair if she were to find out how her so-called friends talk about her behind her back.

Narendra was affected by the break-up.

They have something to do with the scandal.

Janice only knew how to speak French.

What an intelligent woman she is!

Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple.

I heard something outside.

Every day the girls used to walk to the village to look for work, after which they would give the money they found to their mother.

Roxanne has been working as a translator ever since he graduated from college.

Is Denis still with Jitendra?

Earl is old enough to know right from wrong.

We asked everybody if they were hungry.

Am I going to get yelled at?

Paramedics were called to the site of a light plane crash.

You'd better take that.

The weather changed suddenly.

Have you spoken with Vilhelm yet?

Drew majored in sociolinguistics.


I didn't foresee this turn of events.

I asked Tomas what time he was planning on leaving.

We must see the movie again to do it justice.

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They're having a meeting.

I think Murray is from Australia.

Who will teach our children?

Ariel felt in his pocket for his keys.

The paintings were in very good condition.

You have to choose your own path.

I've tried to talk to her.


I'm Masensen. I'm not Mohand.


I think I'd like to be a teacher.

I used to be thin when I was young.

Agreed, but only on one condition.

Does a Roman cat have a Roman meow?

There were no schools for the deaf at that time.

I'm glad someone agrees with me for once.

Supper is ready.

What you do in your own time is none of my business.

Ancient archeological sites are under threat in Syria.

I'm going to check on them.

Juan hired Beth to clean his house.

Damon is here to deliver a message.

The hardness of diamond is such that it can cut glass.


Douglas can hang tough, I am sure.


Dan was a homicide detective.

Where is the closest train station?

I told Takeuchi what I thought.

Say it in French.

Japan's exports exceeded imports by $77.8 billion in 1998.


It is necessary to protect the national unity.

Ah-you've gone all red. Riku - that's so cute!! Ha-haha.

You'll feel better after a hot shower.

Her face was eloquent of her sorrow.

The man got mad when his wife called him names.

Send her in, and I will see her now.

Grasp all, lose all.


Gene found a job as a gardener.

I expect Rich to be back by 2:30.

It's not without risks.

I feel really confident.

Leon proposed to me. He asked me to marry him.


Can you get help for him?

I'm not going to take advantage of Ben.

I told Ellen we'd be late.

He is old.

It's not as big a problem as you think.

This one's a no-brainer.

She's cute and fun.

I'm engaged.

I was really apathetic at first.

"Ruche" is literally French for "beehive," but means something quite a bit different in English. If you use your imagination, however, you can see some similarities.

That pair of pliers came in handy.

I washed the dishes after supper.

Ned was highly offended by what Heidi had said.

"Did he write a letter yesterday?" "Yes, he did."

Pratt didn't seem busy.


I'm never wrong.


I have a book to finish.

Are you happy with your new sports car?

I woke up in the middle of the night.

The housing situation seemed quite hopeless.

I play many ball games; baseball, basketball, and so on.

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Liber is a typical teenager.

I can't face Juha today.

I have not been feeling well for two days.

I've got a lot of problems with the way you guys run this place.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my office.


We caught him red-handed.

I don't ever want Tammy to write to my daughter again.

Rasputin had the whole Russian court under his spell.

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She's a pedicurist.


I'm a free-lance writer in Japan.


He doesn't have the ability to do the work properly.

I haven't listened to any of his songs.

I can't wait that long.

Wait just a minute.

How much is the entrance fee?


When you shake hands with somebody, you must look him in the eye.

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How boring!


Are you in good health?

Elisabeth's parents thought that Matt was too old for him.

Bertrand can't dance very well.

This is going to take hours.

Did you actually see it happen?

Stephan has a beautiful wife.

Tell Rajendra I only need three more hours.


Benjamin looked at the picture.


She met Jacob yesterday


Today we'll study Charles Dickens.

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He is leading a life of ease.

The crowd applauded for several minutes.

You're not the one who died.

I didn't write this letter.

We're in a lot of trouble.

I have read the book before.

How long have you been wearing glasses?