Shamim was in a very good mood.

I was all by myself.

At last, the bells of victory rang out.

You never listen to our advice.

These soup dumplings are freshly steamed and still piping hot. Don't burn your mouth on the broth inside!

I guess they really weren't all that happy.


I told Brandi I already knew.

I'll try to help you.

Curt isn't very motivated.

I was told that you saw the accident.

At your service.

She had to smile at her misfortune.

I'll follow your instructions.

How about more fruit, Goro?

I was excited.

The oldest haircare tool is the comb, invented more than 5000 years ago in Persia.

I saw you spying on them.


You hate raw onions, don't you?

You need to do this first.

Just don't go.

I have many books.

I imagine that Sharan will eventually convince Pam to let him buy a new motorcycle.


I really want to understand.

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Strange things happened in that house.

He stayed in London over a month.

Jussi is very supportive of his colleagues.


We are going to travel by car.


Izchak has done it.

I have never seen anyone who could solve that problem without help.

We have more in common than I thought.

The job looked quite simple, but it took me a week.

Whether he comes or not is irrelevant.

Jelske says he'll never go back to Boston.

We weren't given much information.


He could not live out the year.

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Scot was tired, but not sleepy.


Tomas is only given fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.

He dropped out half way into the race.

Nobody cares for me.

I know what you're trying to do here.

I worry about your health.

That strategy hasn't worked.

Have you decided to go to Japan?

Matthieu bragged about it.

The amount of time Jong estimated that it'll take seems reasonable.

I have to clean my teeth.

Rathnakumar has got a good reason.

I never would've expected something like this to happen.

I forgot to tell you where the party is.

Where did you get all those oranges?

We've chosen a hotel in the vicinity of the museum.

She has been with me through the ebb and flow of my fortunes.

"Achoo!" "Bless you!" "Thanks."


I'm visiting my boyfriend in Canada.

She went out without even asking me to have a seat.

You look really happy.


Markku ran up against strong opposition with his proposal.

Helen Moody was noted as a tennis player for not showing any expression on the court.

"No, I'm not," replied the Englishman coldly.

Get out of here, you dog!

Gigi gave Knapper a quick kiss.

In any event, I will do my best.

Pieter just sat there, staring out the window.

What's the name of the ship you served on?

On Tatoeba, you can't translate more than 15 sentences on a page.

My mother is not accustomed to hard work.

Gideon has lied to me too many times, so I don't trust him anymore.

It is hard to discern between the true and the false.

Why is Brian still in there?


He repeated in public what I had said.


Evelyn attended Harvard.

Nici told Terry to go easy on the ice cream if he didn't want to get fat.

I took the elevator to the fourth floor.

The company president was indicted for paying kickbacks.

I don't really know why.

I think that will go smoothly.

I promise you that it won't last long.

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They just had a very serious conversation.

Harvey refused to put her aging parents in a home.

Should I do that?


His father died, and to make matters worse, his mother fell ill.

Please go.

The laws apply to everyone irrespective of race, creed or color.


Amos wears thick glasses.

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It's already been done.

I let him buy it for me.

I don't know anybody who can speak French.


All at once the bride burst into laughter.

That's what Lou expected.

I'll never ever forget you.

Tanaka thought that Emma was happy.

I had a pleasant dream last night.

Kari wants to file a complaint.

I guess it depends on the weather.

I've seen a lot worse.

You should go to mass more often.


Revised found out that Johnathan was wealthy.

Why were you looking for him?

Conrad is a closet case.


I nailed it.

We can't do anything about it.

How do I know you're telling the truth?

We no longer sell that here.

"Who is there?" - "A friend!"

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Where is it that Mohammad wants to go?

Isidore and Laurie often play billiards.

My grandfather was an archaeologist.

Carol's dress is long.

What's this got to do with her?

I bet Dick will be late.

What is he saying?

This wood has a beautiful grain.

I said I wouldn't worry.

I'm not particularly worried.

I don't believe in that.

You smell bad.

Clayton intends to change that.

The first thing my mother said was: "Are you crazy?"

You've been good to us.

Was that helpful?

My father is a civil engineer.

I'm fed up with your stories!

You have to memorize this sentence.

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I know it's going to happen soon.

Politicians are always censured for outrageous or inappropriate behavior.

Short hair looks better on him.

Cordova is a city in southern Spain.

He left everything to her in his will.


I tried my best to get them to stop quarreling.

As is known, the first to give in is smarter. It's easier for an adult man than a teenager to do it. The victory over your own child won't embellish you.

Norbert asked Liber to join his team.

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We just met.

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His story must be true.


Hillary broke his eyeglass frames when he dropped his glasses.

Damone has caused a lot of trouble.

I don't know what I'm going to do.


His salary doesn't satisfy him.

I'm not married to Denis anymore.

That doesn't happen here.

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Okay! Does everyone understand?

Deborah opened the door to the conference room.

This carpet is designed for residential use.

It won't fly!

I want to fight.


The picture was hung upside down.


I want an MP3 player!

Gunter and Blair got married when they were in their teens.

Antibiotics are a cure for infection.

Does the meat look under-cooked?

I still can't believe this is really happening.


Jerome sewed the button back on.

Don't call 911! You have to call 112.

He doesn't dare to say anything.

I have three times more money than you do.

For this race, people under the age of 35 (including 35) join the young people's group; people from 36 to 50 years old join the middle-aged group and people 51 or over join the elderly group.

They tried very hard to gain an advantage over one another.

Reading will guide us to the rich world of wonder.


He's two years younger than I.

A neutral country was asked to help settle the dispute.

Ian has back problems.


I find that it's best to find a happy balance between originality and sticking to a strict standard.

Eddy really likes baseball.

Sanford went down to the kitchen.

I think my daughter's coming down with something.

Why should I have to do that?


Jerry left three hours ago.