Kirsten was somewhat doubtful.

Elvis has a pen pal in Australia.

Some of the men looked pretty mad.

They went whale watching.


I squeezed the trigger.

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Ammonia is a colorless liquid or gas with a very strong smell.

This is the right move.

She was afraid to pass through the woods.


I must talk with Pierre.

We just got here.

If he had been careful then, the terrible accident would not have happened.


I'm 25 years old.

The thief had special tools for picking locks.

The night was far advanced.

We won't get caught.

Do you know how that looks?

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The funny thing about age is that while everyone was young once, not everyone will get old.


They visited Boston.

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I can not do without this dictionary even for a single day.

I'm glad I met you.

Why doesn't she write me back anymore?

He addressed the audience in a soft tone.

Raif didn't say anything at all.

I think I'll have to attend that meeting.

Do you like to gamble?


Has Lata come?

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It takes one year for the earth to orbit around the sun.

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My birthday party is tomorrow.

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This car pulled up in front of the bank.

The laboratory acquired a fabulous reputation for its historic discovery.

I've got time.


When I get home I'm always like: Clothes? Take them off me! Take them off me!

I wouldn't want to work here.

It's a little hot.


I'm not the only one here who knows Hubert.

Did Suzan tell you where the party is?

Vassos knows that Wilmer and I are friends.

The weather outlook for tomorrow is not good.

My mother gets up earlier than anyone else.


Don't ask a question to students who you know cannot answer.


The black dog ran.

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Barney's a threat.

This rice is contaminated by arsenic.

As he walked away, his figure gradually became dim under the snow.

The separation of gold from sand is problematic.

Rees couldn't help but laugh.

i went to the plaza yesterday night.

Our fate was sealed.

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This isn't a map.

Terrance is the only one who remained awake all night.

That's going to give me nightmares tonight.

My water broke.

He is able to fly.


What a pity you can't dance!

Where's the airport?

There are a lot of girls in the room.


She suffers from low blood pressure.


It's not like we're strangers.

I'm sorry for being late.

You won't believe who called me today.


She's a desperate housewife.

We were both tired.

I ran into an old friend at Tokyo Station.

But they never lose their way.

We have to find out what Sidney is doing.


Being tired, as I was, I went to bed earlier than usual.


All in all, I think my hobbies are balanced; they bring some relaxation to my life, and at the same time bring focus to my studies.

It's no problem.

I like to answer these kind of questions.

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Pull the curtain back.

You're not scared of snakes, are you?

I can't imagine what's come over me.

He asked for my permission to use the phone.

I shall be introducing the street paper that is only sold by the homeless, "The Big Issue", started in England and has had its first Japanese issue.

There is nothing to worry about.

He makes a little extra money that way.


Jeannie is going to hurt himself.

Thanks for the letter and the wonderful photos of your hometown.

She is used to living alone.

She is no less beautiful than her sister is.

It's cool this morning, isn't it?


Are you going to tell him?


Upon the day appointed for their execution she cut off her hair and dressed herself as if going to a fete.

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The accident happened at that crossing.

Where's Kelly's father?

The cobbler's children go barefoot.


There is no point in having a fitting room without a mirror.

I saw some English female soldiers in yesterday night's news reel. For some, you couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman, but the majority were rather feminine, and it didn't feel that grotesque.

Jun dashed to the corner to mail a letter.


I'll tell you.

She texted him.

What kind of inhaler do you use?


We have dealt with this store for 16 years.

Don't believe anything she says.

What do you think of school uniforms?

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We're all winners.


It may never happen again.


Let's leave as quickly as possible.

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First of all, may I have your name, please?

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The store was so crowded that they lost sight of each other.


The stain on the lab coat is due to silver nitrate.

What time do you go to bed?

Mysore doesn't want to take a walk now.

There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.

It's a very important step.

I haven't seen anything of him lately.

The young man I met yesterday is named Tony.

Amedeo is much shorter and weighs considerably less than Harmon.

Just tell me what Hartmann wants.

An ostrich does not fly through the air.

Charlene was supposed to help us yesterday.

The queen of the witches is dead.

No matter how you look at it you're a beautiful, ill-fated woman, the heroine of a tragedy.


This animal is very intelligent.

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Duncan was found with the murder weapon.

He helped me to carry the bag.

Ariel was immediately concerned.


What kind of test is this?

I dress lightly all the time.

I was about to go when he came.


Do you have classes this Friday?

You'll help, won't you?

I came here to warn you about Bernie.

It's Lea's fault! He made me do it.

Vernon listens to the radio while eating breakfast.

I cannot let it go unchallenged.

She decided to resign from her job.


He died aged 54 years.

She's missed the boat.

Many foreign customs were introduced into Japan after the war.


The enemy attack ended at dawn.


I want to go to the store.

Don't come to me with any excuses.

Can you just tell me now, so I don't have to come back tomorrow?

This is no time for jokes.

Be strong, Dan. They can break your body, but don't let them break your mind.

How will I find my way back?

You will miss me.


Have you found anything yet?

I want to be safe.

Can people buy these?

I generally don't make mistakes.

I feel like playing, too.

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Fred persuaded Grace to try bungee jumping.

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They look happy today.


Have you ever failed a class?


We will consider this.

What's it going to take to persuade you?

You are the fastest.


The girl who I thought was a singer proved to be a different person.