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Welcome to Roof 1 Consultants Ltd. We are a professional roof consulting firm specializing in maximizing the life and performance of your roof assets at the lowest possible cost.

Our commitment to professionalism through continuing education creates a powerful combination of technical expertise and management systems that consistently produces on-time, on budget projects.

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Our Philosophy: Roof 1 Consultants Ltd. was established in response to a need in the roofing industry for a synergistic approach to roof consulting services....

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If you have a roofing related question you would like answered or are interested in getting more information on our services, please fill in the requested information...

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Facility Manager Owners


Roof 1 Consultants Ltd. can provide the facility manager/owner with a wide array of services that can result in a service life extension of your roof assets resulting...

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Sustainable Sustainable design seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment and the health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building...



1. Is hiring a roof consultant cost effective? Yes, using a competent and experienced consultant is cost-effective in several ways. You save your valuable time and...

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