Akash Mehta

An end-user focused Software Engineer with 2+ years of industrial experience & ability to adapt and learn any new tech stack

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  • Transerv
  • Book My Show
  • Guerilla Founders

Hi, If you are looking for a software engineer who has the will to learn, evolve and learn again, who realises the importance of code comments and documentation 😋 and has some experience in the industry, I am your guy 😉

Some of my few good traits are being a quick learner, focusing on the code as well as the architecture and design of the system and being conscientious.

My technical expertise includes 2+ experience in Java, C++ & PHP along with knowledge of languages like Node.js and C#. Along with strong skills in MySQL and NoSQL, I also have hands-on experience in designing distributed software systems with micro-services architecture and REST APIs. I prefer GIT for maintaining version control & JIRA/Trello for bugs and modules tracking. Other technical expertise includes cross-platform proficiency (Windows, and Linux), advanced knowledge of developer applications and tools, AGILE SCRUM methodologies and best practices (including OOD and client/server architecture).

My hobbies include reading books,cooking, watching any given movie, music and all night gaming.

I am a huge fan of beer,coffee,Hans Zimmer and Batman.

Tools and apps I use everyday:
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Apache
  • Git
  • Eclipse
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  • This is what I can do for you

    Web Development

    Handling the backend requirements including DB Handling, REST API generation,User Management, Reporting, Implementing MicroServices and/or MVC architecture & Server Setup.

    Basic Android Development

    Simple android apps incorporating Server-Client Architecture, Notifications and API integrations

    Game Development

    Basic Games in core C++ and GLSL as well as using UNREAL Engine. Major fields of interest : Game AI, Networking and Game Physics

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    This is what I love to listen


    Akash had been instrumental in contributing to the product with ideas and good quality code.His business as well as technical knowledge helped everyone solve issues and deliver it so that end users were not impacted while using the product. His work on reporting had been appreciated by everyone which served as a major tool for analytics to mine data which had been really important for the product and business.He had good knowledge of the UI components due to which he was involved in developing the Iframe Checkout UI which was distributed to the merchants.Akash is a very versatile and hard working programmer but with technical knowledge, he also comes with very good social skills. He is soft spoken and is always full of life.He is polite in discussions and always tries to solve problems after hearing and analyzing it properly.

    Nitish Bangera

    Lead Software Engineer, Transerv Pvt. Ltd.


    A fun loving and tech enthusiast having a jolly nature, which means working with him will never be boring, resulting into a playful work environment. Accepts tasks with proper understandings wihout any hesitation with negligible follow ups. Logically robust and helps in providing alternate solutions in solving a problem. Always stays focused on the tasks maintaining its quality.

    Pratik Borkar

    Assitant Manager Technology, BigTree Entertainment Pvt Ltd.


    Akash was brilliant to work with. He went way above and beyond. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!

    Kellen Bolger

    Co-Founder, Guerilla Founders