Quality Data Services, Inc.

Your full service partner throughout the life of your clinical trial.

Full service project and site management dedicated to quality and effective communication.

Clinical Management

Quality Data Services, Inc.

Data Management

Database designed with end results in mind; quality delivered

Data Management

Quality Data Services, Inc.

Safety Management

Customized safety services with world-wide capabilities specializing in real-time decision making

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Safety Management

Quality Data Services, Inc.

Analysis & Reporting

Senior level biostatisticians deliver accurate and timely results; certified CDISC provider

Analysis & Reporting

Quality Data Services, Inc.


Developed by industry professionals for industry professionals – built for front-end simplicity, seamless integration, customization.

Leading benchmarks of quality and time within the industry.

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Quality Data Services, Inc. is a full service Contract Research Organization specializing in You - Your data, Your clinical trial, Your results.

With only the utmost QUALITY, we provide you with an experienced, professional team which launches your trial QUICKLY and dedicates itself to the trial's successful completion. QDS has maximized efficiency in processes and procedures, and proudly boasts of key performance indicators such as:




Clinical Project Management Final Protocol to First Patient In 3 weeks
Clinical Data Management Final Protocol to Validated Database (Go-Live) 3 weeks
Monitoring/Data Management Last Patient Out to Final SDV/Database Close 1 week
SAS Reporting Database Close to TLF Generation 3 days
Statistical Analysis Database Lock to Statistical Analysis 2 weeks
Medical Writing Stat Analysis Results to Draft CSR 2 weeks


The Partnership Begins with You!