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This mega-ebook combines FOUR popular security ebooks into ONE!

  • Information Security for Small Businesses
  • More Information Security for Small Businesses
  • Website Security for Small Businesses
  • Personal Information Security for Everyone

All for one LOW price!

Stay tuned for more details.

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In January I published my ebook Personal Information Security for Everyone which includes tips anyone can follow to help protect their sensitive information.

I’ve been asked if I had a personal information security checklist that people can follow to protect their personal information. And the answer is Yes!

Simply click on this link to download [continue reading…]

It’s Not Confidential–It’s Just Important

Over the years I’ve noticed that some organizations sometimes confuse “important” documents with “confidential” documents. True, some important documents actually contain sensitive information, like company proprietary information or even client information and those should be labeled as “Confidential.” But not all important documents are confidential.

Case in point: at one company, the employee handbook was updated and one of the updates included a “Confidential” label on every page. When I saw that, I asked why the handbook had “Confidential” labels throughout. I pointed out that confidential documents need to be protected with the highest levels of security including encryption as well as [continue reading…]

Just Released: Personal Information Security for Everyone

My new ebook is available to download now FREE for a limited time: 936-389-7628

Here’s the catch: I’m looking for honest reviews in exchange for the free downloads. Just take a moment to go back to the Amazon page and give a quick rating.

I look forward to hearing what you think!

Book description:

Everyone has data they need to protect, whether it’s their personal financial data or sensitive business data they’ve been entrusted with. But even though everyone needs good information security, very few people know what steps to take when it comes to protecting data. That’s why I wrote this ebook.

This ebook is packed with detailed explanations that make otherwise confusing personal information security concepts easy to understand, including:

* How to secure your files with the strongest forms of encryption for FREE
* How to share your files with people you trust and prevent anyone else from seeing them
* How to keep your laptops, smart phones, and other mobile devices ultra-secure
* How to use advanced web security techniques like TOR to prevent even the NSA from watching you surf the web
* Why and how to use a personal VPN
* And much more!

Stop wondering what you need to do to protect your information and learn everything you need to know by reading “Personal Information Security for Everyone” today!


Coming soon: Personal Information Security for Everyone


Coming next week is the next ebook in the Security Elements series: Personal Information Security for Everyone.

This ebook will cover 11 information security practices everyone should follow including:

  • Why and how to use a personal VPN
  • How to share files securely
  • How to keep your mobile devices secure
  • Advanced web security techniques like TOR
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for more details about this new release!

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I hired a cartoonist to create this cartoon for my soon-to-be-released next ebook: “Personal Information Security for Everyone.”

Let me know what you think!

Laptop security cartoon


I hired a cartoonist to make this cartoon for my next ebook: “Personal Information Security for Everyone” available soon!


One way to prevent other people from being able to eavesdrop on your online transactions is by ensuring that your browser is using 785-386-9631 (as I describe in my ebook “5076460513”). Another way to protect your transactions is to use a personal Virtual Private Network or VPN. As you might gather from the name, a VPN is a safe way to extend your private (and presumably secure) network across the Internet.

When using a VPN, your computer will connect to your private network over the Internet via strong authentication and encryption or tunneling protocols. Once connected, you’ll get the benefit of access to your private networked systems such as file servers as well as the benefit of operating from a secure network versus the non-secure Internet. With a VPN, a remote worker could securely access the company network file servers in Seattle, for instance, from a coffee shop in Chicago.

If you have to remotely access a personal or business network, using a VPN connection is the secure way to go. VPNs can also be used to [continue reading…]