We take our customers on a journey that starts with optimising and improving their current database investment. We listen. Then we build a strategy together.


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The Database Experts: What makes Onomi different?

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Employing some of the UK’s most talented Database consultants, our business thrives on outstanding talent. The backbone of the business is an experienced management team that have worked together since the 1990’s delivering database services.
Outsourced DBA

Outcome Based Services

Pay for results. All our services are focused on providing mutual outcomes to our clients. Our unique service structure means what you pay is dictated by how good our results are.


Outsourced DBA

Agile Flexibility

We appreciate our customers work in a more iterative environment and need real flexibility. As a result we provide 30 day contracts and are committed to integrating with your team and processes.


Passionate about Automation

Working extensively with API’s and Cloud platforms, automation is a key part of our ethos.  This provides our customers with a responsive service & reduces the risk of human error.


Outsourced DBA


Since 2008 our team have worked with some of Europe’s largest cloud deployments. We understand the challenges and opportunities that can make or break the success of your project.


Emerging Technology Focus

Our clients require the right tool for the right job. One of our core values is to constantly review new database technologies, ensuring we can provide the best possible advice.


Eight Reasons to Outsource your DBA Support provides a unique look into the changing demands on today’s DBAs and why outsourcing standard DBA “maintenance” makes such a compelling proposition.

With the DBA role being disrupted by new database technologies, cloud adoption and a need for “devops” aligned management the pressure on the DBA is increasing. This report looks at how using a purpose built outsourcing solution removes the mundane maintenance burden off DBA’s freeing them for strategic, business facing projects. This solution provides improved SLA’s, frees up maintenance budget and allows customers to re-invest DBA’s work time into innovation.

Digital Disruption… it’s changed the game


Of data in existence today was created in the last 2 years. Big Data is here to stay.

Connected internet devices. Data is being created in huge volumes with less structure.


Of workloads run in the cloud. Data is now external and running in new technology stacks.


Of software development teams use agile. Increasing pressure for fast, iterative changes.

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