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You are the cover model – When browsing thousands of clothes in AIchure, you can be the fashion model via AIchure's swap-face feature.

  • Swap face

    Your face can be swapped on fashion photos, while keeping your facial features and shape.

  • Share to friends

    You can share your swap-face or virtual try-on results to your friends in AIchure, Instagram, or facebook.

  • Show your likes

    You can show your like about the clothes. You will find frineds with similiar interests with you

  • Style recommendation

    AIchure's AI technologies can learn from famous designer and recommend personal fashion styles according to your full-body photos.

  • Shopping

    AIchure connect to various e-shops, such as Amazon, ASOS, Zalando. You can easily purchase your favorite clothes in AIchure.

  • Wishing list

    You can manage your favorite items, the recommended style and the virtual try-on results in AIchre.


Shop smart

Upload your photos, try on your clothes virtually. With AIchure's personal recommendation, you shop easily.

Shop fun

You can be a fashion model. With AIchure's swap-face features, you can be the cover model. Share your cover photos to friends now!

Shop easy

AIchure collects thousands of clothes from Amazon, ASOS, Zalando, etc. You can shop any clothes in one App - AIchure.

One stop shop

AIchure collect thousands of clothes from various e-commerence websites and brands.With friendly interface, you can always find your favorite clothes easily in AIchure.

  • Dynamic category according to your browsing history
  • Amazing browsing experience for mobile devices
  • Consult your friends with your swap-face or virtual try-on photos
  • Shop for friends by swap-face with friends' photos.
  • Wishing list feature records your favorite items
  • Follow or connect others with similiar style with you
  • Recommended items with similiar styles
  • Always give you good prices by instant discount notices

Designer service

You can choose your favorite designer to give you personal fashion recommendation. Uploading your full-body photos, choosing a favorite designer, you will get a virtual try-on photos with the clothes recommended by the designer.

  • Three recommended suits in different occasions
  • Designers list with their introduction and works
  • Messages to and from the designers
  • Virtual makeup on the virtual try-on photos
  • Changing hair color for different styles
  • Save and share the phtots of the recommendation to your friend
  • Upload your friend's photo and shop for them
  • Shop the recommended items in AIchure

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