VIB Nanobody Core

Nanobodies® are an extremely useful class of molecules for research, diagnostics and therapeutics in human and animal health. You can use them in a wide variety of fields, such as immunohistochemistry, immunomodulation, intracellular expression (intrabodies) and biosensor-applications. As proteomics tools, you can deploy them for expression profiling, physical mapping of proteins, protein-protein interaction studies, functional analysis and (in)activation of genens. Developed at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, the powerful Nanobody® technology is now available to both academic as to non-academic researchers through the VIB Nanobody Core.

Deadline for the receipt of antigen for the upcoming immunization:

To Be Announced Shortly


Additional services

In addition to the delivery of standard Nanobodies®, additional services can be offered:

  • Determination and ranking of affinity (kon, koff, KD).
  • Engineering towards higher stability, affinity.
  • Expression vectors are available to express modified recombinant constructs:
    • Nanobodies® can be cloned in front of a human or mouse IgG domain (or any other animal/isotype).
    • Nanobodies® can be tagged with Flag, c-myc, His, Cy-dyes, FITC, GFP, lactamase etc.
    • Nanobodies® can be biotinylated for use in immunoprecipitation applications with streptavidin beads.
    • Nanobodies® can be engineered into bivalent or bispecific antibody constructs.


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