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We, at Deepak Cybit, have developed and deployed a number of enterprise applications, on the web, mobile and desktop, that have become vital to our client’s success. Our team ensures accelerated development so you can respond to market changes faster and better. Our solutions are aligned to your business need thereby simplifying and streamlining how you execute your tasks.

Web Development

Meeting our customers' needs is our goal. With the skilled team at ur disposal, we provide comprehensive solutions in the form of powerful and easy to use software.

Enterprise Software

We work with you to deliver custom enterprise applications to meet your business needs. Our efficient software solutions help you improve your business processes.

Application Development

Our highly skilled team can translate your requirements into a custom mobile application. We focus on delivering the solution, and can produce stunnings apps on various mobile platforms.

Customer Stories

Linkwok (R & D Software) - Deepak Nitrite Limited


Storage of huge records of research data in paper form, Huge risks associated with losing data to a calamity, No automation, Searching through humungous records, Difficult to analyze data and run reports


We suggested moving the experiment data on a digital platform This provided security of data backup and eliminated the storage concerns. With our templates that resemble paper forms, we ensured that the transition from paper to computer was smooth. We are providing unique customized and configurable solutions to their changing needs.

Current Status

From the project group feature to suggesting customized roles and notification rules to avoid being inundated with notifications, Deepak Cybit has always come up with creative and innovative ways of solving problems.

Idea Generation Portal - Axis Bank


Axis Bank was running their Idea competition and was expecting thousands of ideas. They were hoping to sort the ideas based on a quiz score.


We suggested an additional parameter to further narrow down the ideas and save valuable time. The keyword score for an application could show the reviewers how many keywords matched in the idea document.

Current Status

When going through thousands of ideas, the keyword score along with the quiz score proved to be of great help in reducing the burden of the team reviewing the ideas. The competition was completed successfully and Axis Bank found the winner with relative ease.

Our Clients

We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity.This helps us to truly understand their unique business needs, and then we are able to customise our solutions and products to meet their long-term business goals..