RCDEA Archive - Welcome

Welcome to the home page of the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA) Archive. We are transferring our records from an Access database and a number of Excel spreadsheets into AtoM. We are also accessing and cataloguing those items which have not made it to a software based index. So, this site is a long term project for the Diocese and will develop slowly but steadily as we organise, catalogue and place our holdings on-line.

As a relatively new Diocese (1976) most of our holdings are within the last 3 or 4 decades and as such generally do not meet the criteria for public access. However, this does not mean that we cannot respond to a request for access. Permission to access the Archives will depend very much on what is being asked for, its volume and, of course, whether there are any resources available to help meet the request. Please ask - contact details on our Institution Record.

AtoM (Access to Memory) software drives this site. It is a web based archival description application based on geometrize (ICA) standards.