I’m a designer and front-end developer with a passion for details and performance.

Project Showcase

Jowalla Design Preview



I was approached by the team at Jowalla to help them turn several product concepts and ideas into functioning prototypes. Still very much in development, the variety of work created ranged from initial design to implementing and developing existing designs and ideas. The projects were developed using Grunt for build process and Sass for the CSS.

From The Blog


Drafts & Scheduled Posts With Jekyll

Thinking of moving to Jekyll? One of the more important features for a lot of publishers is the ability to keep draft posts and when ready, schedule them for automatic posting on a given date. Here’s how I’m doing that with Jekyll.


Custom Meta Info With Jekyll

Setting your meta keywords and descriptions will have an impact not only on your search engine rankings but on the ability of people being able to find your content. Let’s take a look at how we can help them with Jekyll.


Deployment With Rsync & Grunt

Deployment can often be a very complicated part of a process. There is a much more approachable solution though which will cover a lot of circumstances and offers much more functionality than manual deployment methods. Let’s take a look at Rsync.