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Glendalough 13 Year Single Malt Mizunara Cask

Glendalough 13 Year Single Malt Mizunara Cask


New review of the Glendalough Single Malt 13 Mizunara Cask finish up.

Talisker 10 review posted

Finally got around to posting a review of the Talisker 10 year old, enjoy


Pusser’s Munich

Enjoying a couple of good whiskeys with Gregor in Pusser’s bar Munich

(604) 844-7336

New review of the Powers Signature Release up!


New review of Writer’s Tears Copper Pot up!

New Irish whiskey additions for the shelf!

Some new Irish additions

Some new Irish additions

Introduced some new Irish selections to my collection. Looking forward to getting stuck into these and getting all the reviews up soon!


Just a quick note to say Happy Christmas to all our readers. Hopefully you were lucky and got a nice bottle under the tree,  even if you bought it yourself 🙂 New reviews and updates next year.

September Whiskey Tasting

September Whiskey Tasting Bottles

September Whiskey Tasting Bottles

So we finally got round to meet up for a tasting night, and what a tasting set we had.  As you can see from the photo we were lucky enough to taste both the Middleton Dair Ghaelach and Barry Crockett Legacy bottles, as well as a number of other whiskeys from the group.

Given the fact we were starting with one of the top Irish whiskeys currently, we said we would rate the first few bottles against it, with fuller reviews to follow.

As you can see we all gave the Dair Ghaelach top marks, and really what a great whiskey it is, with such a amazing long finish that stays with you, a detailed review of this will be coming.

Suprise of the night was the Balvenie 14 peated expression, delicious bottling for peat and not peat lover alike.

We also managed to taste both the Jack Ryan 12 and Irishman Founders reserve, with the Jack Ryan a deserving winner of the head to head, worth a punt for those looking for a lower price range Irish whiskey.

The Glen Garioch split the room. Ithas a strength similar to the Dair Ghaelach (in the 56 range), but it was much much rougher to taste.  A lot of work was needed to find that sweet spot where the water opens the whiskey up enough, leading to plenty discussion on the quality of the whiskey.

Whiskey Type Ashley Dylan Owen Thomas Average
Middleton Dair Ghaelach Tree 9 Single pot still 95 95 94 97 95.3
Middleton Barry Crockett Legacy Single pot still 92 88 90 92 90.5
Hazelwood 21 year old Blended whiskey 83 85 80 85 83.3
Jack Ryan 12 Year Old Single Malt 83 83 78 81.3
Glen Garioch (Batch 12 1997) – 15 Year Single Malt 87 81 82 72 80.5
Mackyra MidVinter Single Malt 80 83 84 89 84.0
Mackyra The First Edition Single Malt 84 80 86 96 86.5
Balvenie Peat Week Aged 14 Year Old – 2002 Vintage Single Malt 81 90 90 95 89.0
Glenfiddich 125th Anniversary Edition Single Malt 84 84 87 83 84.5
Irishman Founders Reserve Blended whiskey 72 75 73.5


Next stop Whiskey live in November where we are excited to see what new expressions the distillers will have on the night.


Harry and Barbara From Bridewell Brewery

Harry and Barbara-Anne From Bridewell Brewery


Had a blast at the Irish Craft beer festival in the RDS in Dublin yesterday, sampling some of the best beer that Irish Brewers have to offer.  Had some excellent stouts, an amazing coffee infused ale from the guys at Mont (as close to a breakfast beer as you will ever get) and a really good red from the Bridewell Brewery. Also got the chance to try the St. Patricks whiskey from Cork, a review will follow (hopefully).

Got chatting Harry and Barbara-Anne (photo’d) from Bridewell and if you are in the RDS or down in Galway you should definatly give their beers a try.  Incredibly friendly and passionate about what they are doing, its just a pity i cant get a pint of it in Dublin 🙂

If you are looking for some good Irish craft beer, give the Mont, White Hag and the Bridewell beers a try, good selection and great beers.

Next stop Whiskey Live Dublin in November.



Dublin Whiskey Blog’s 1st official Whiskey tasting evening of 2017

Above was the line up for Dublin Whiskey Blog’s 1st Whiskey tasting evening of 2017. A good mix in terms of price and region made for a very interesting evening indeed. A quick, re-cap, if my memory serves me well (a bit hazy as it were), will tell that the Glenlivet 21, Singleton Artisan and Balvenie 21 Portwood seemed to place almost universally at the top in all categories with Jameson’s recently released Blenders Dog surprising  with a fantastic nose and the 3122065206 being peatier than I remembered there wasn’t much in the way of disappointment apart from the Old Putney Dunnet Head which failed to deliver all-around. Expect upcoming reviews of all of these and more in the coming weeks.


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