I wish I could live my life doing only what I wanted to do.

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She never paints her lips red.

I like to have a deep conversation with a more academic person from time to time.

Would you like to know who did that?

Jimmy sells apples for $5 and pears for $3.50. If 370 fruits were sold for a total of $1415, how many apples were sold?

I don't really understand what just happened.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate this.

That's all you think about!

Who could it be?

The theory of the separation of powers is attributed to Montesquieu in his book "The Spirit of the Laws."


I never see you without thinking of my dead son.

The bird flew away.

Nicolas showed up at the party dressed like a pirate.

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You're wearing out my patience!


Secular liberalism is the final religion, though its church is not of the other world but of this.

How is it possible to reconcile work and private life?

Robin is really adorable when he sleeps.


Whom did he have in mind?


You said you were going to quit.


It's the capital above all that makes the mores of people; it's Paris that makes the French.


Look, Grace, I know you gave it to Audrey.

This factory's productive capacity is 250 cars a week.

Did you change your mind?

I don't want to play with them.

That looks like the work of a virus.

That's what I wished for.

I feel really great.

No one's convinced.

They talked on the phone every night.

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Even though it was raining, we decided to take a walk.

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He was my sole source of happiness.


Don't give it to Dominic. Give it to Miriamne.


I told Dieter what Izzy did.

Do you know what happens to people that do that kind of thing?

I wonder what Julianto's salary is.

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The prince made it known all over the land that he would marry the poor girl.

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Due to the heavy rain we were soaked to the skin.

All the eggs went bad.

Kieran kept silent during the meeting.

I think he takes after his father.

What kind of plants are these?

What kind of sick weirdo are you?

I wish I knew what happened to all our family photos.

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Judge got here first.

Rajendra threw the apple core into the garbage can.

He was laughed at for being so ignorant.

He's sleeping.

It will be three months before our house is completed.


There are two hundred pages.

She weighs fifty five kilograms.

I had a lot on my mind.

For children up to 5 years old, family breakdown can be difficult to understand.

You can't come tomorrow.


Please try your best to get here on time.


Spass was surprised that Lucifer had a motorcycle.

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Many words are acquired through reading.

This job involves lots of hard work.

Casper was working for me.

Juan looks hesitant.

How could we forget you?


It's the war of all against all.

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I can barely control myself.

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He showed great reverence towards the pictures of the god.


Olof isn't foolish.


Children have everything, except what we take away from them.

Come on in.

This is the best restaurant I know of.


What caused the war?

He plays little part in the decision-making.

He attentively went over her exam paper.

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His words made me feel uneasy about my future.

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I'm amazed that you said nothing.

I am smoking a Cuban cigar.

Do not despair, all is not yet lost.

We're going to the party in eighteenth century costumes.

To equip a dull, respectable person with wings would be but to make a parody of an angel.


Charley bought a nice house in Boston.

You probably need a drink.

Why do people envy each other?

He has brown hair.

Floyd's making his bed.

I can't remember why I did that.

I don't like my brother climbing the mountains.

Can you deliver this?

Phiroze and Cynthia lie to each other all the time.


It's by smithing that one becomes a blacksmith.

Some students looked at her with tears in their eyes.

Just pull the door shut. It'll lock by itself.

He has a prejudice against Jews.

I don't think Giles would agree.

I knew you could do this.

Yesterday in the morning, I was harvesting potatoes. Because of the rain they were partly rotten.


Tuan told Spyros to be careful.


His schedule has been changed.

Mah was given a medal.

There's another possibility.


He went to Urumqi on Monday and came back here the next day.

Keep hold of my hand if you're afraid.

Nothing much!

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Let's find out where Kenneth went.

I find him very easy to talk to.

I've done my part.

We remained silent.

Where did you put my navigational instruments?


The girl has an exotic image for the boy.


Can you spell your name for me?

Have you ever smoked?

We make a really good team.

I go to bed very early.

I want them all shot.


Juliet is in the ski lodge.

It is five years since my father died.

What would you do in that situation?

Can you break away from your parents?

We parted the best of friends.

I just met them yesterday.

Peggy wasn't happy with what he saw.

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I have no money with me now.

The existence of nation-states gave Europe a great advantage over the rest of the world.

I'm not very good at it.


It's very valuable.

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There are many orange fishes in the river.

He told me a little secret about his mother.

I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

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Martyn and Stanly had to postpone their wedding.

Lucifer got married last year.

Lester put a stick of gum into his mouth.


You've got to pay attention.

You're very good at this.

I was quite surprised.

He's crazy about a girl called Julie.

John didn't drown.

You look spaced out this morning.

I can't read here. What bothers me is the light which is too bright.


Who would risk doing that?

This famous actress was also a fashion icon.

I dislike being alone.

Guess who I am.

This is a historical examination of the birth of his unique architectural style.

My tongue slipped.

What do you want that for?

Make good use of the little time given to you.

I'll definitely look at it.

Bill stopped the smoking.

Here's a picture of him.


What you did took guts.

Are you going to the party tonight?

No one has a problem with that.

The company cancelled the project.

I was dehydrated.

It is jelly that he likes.

Every dream comes at a price.


His statement doesn't leave room for any doubt.

I told him to do that.

He drove the car, listening to music on the radio.