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Market Talk: What exactly is a wolf pack?

Summary A "wolf pack" is a group of shareholders who try to gain control of a corporate board.  These activist investors work together, but without an explicit written agreement. A “wolf pack” forms when multiple investors get involved with the same company at the same...


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If you own a business and have employees, you need to have a payroll.  But what exactly does it consist of? Generally, payroll can keep track of the employees you pay along with their pertinent information, the amount that you give your employees on a set schedule, and the calculation and...


What is collateral? “Collateral” is an asset left to a lender so that a borrower will be motivated to pay the debt. It assures the lender that the money credited will be spent in due time. If the borrower fails to pay the loan, the lender has the right to...

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What is collective bargaining? “Collective bargaining” is the process in which an employer and a group of workers (usually a labor union)agree on the terms of employment. During this process, workers express their feelings about their contract including the scope of work, hours, salary, overtime wages, holidays, health and retirement...

Commercial Bank

What is a commercial bank? A commercial bank is a financial institution that accepts cash deposits from the public. Their services also include releasing loans, checking accounts, and investing in businesses. Both individuals and small firms can use the services of a commercial bank. When most people do their banking...


What is an offer? Have you ever tried to sell something whether it is a car, a painting or a gadget you no longer need? The initial price that you set is what you call an “offer”. An offer is not something permanent because it can still be subject to...




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