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Affordable Health Care Solutions

A family of companies providing a better level of innovative health coverage for people just like you.

We are Affordable Health Care

At the Affordable Health Insurance agency along with our family of companies we offer a full portfolio of plans that let you tailor health care coverage to your specific needs. With over 50 collective years of health care experience, the Affordable Health Insurance agency family of companies are true innovators in the industry that offers flexible, affordable and secure plans for you and your family.



Affordability and reliability are the hallmarks of our product portfolio. Whether you need coverage for everyday medical expenses or want peace of mind for more serious medical events, we can help. With over 50 collective years of industry know how the Affordable Health Insurance agency family of companies brings an unparalleled combination of experience and innovation to everything we do.

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Why Choose Us

We are flexible, affordable and secure. Our full portfolio of plans lets you tailor coverage to YOUR needs and you can rest easy knowing that, We are an innovator in the industry with over 50 collective years of health care coverage experience. Fill out the contact form and talk to an agent today!

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Not all plans are available in all states. Limitations and Exclusions apply, talk to your agent about your choices, options and eligibility.