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Generational Sin - Crime Families

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Talk about a set up. Generational sin tops the list. While we were still sleeping in the womb, minding our own business, the baleful result of Adam’s sin devastated us. That’s so unfair: We weren’t the ones who ate the apple! Nevertheless, we came into this world as separated from God as Adam became after his fall. We didn’t even know how strange, wrong and unnatural our birth was. Forget for a moment all the other sins we’ve been hit…

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Need Forgiveness - Angry Spouse

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Do you need forgiveness from someone? Sometimes it’s not so easy to get. Sometimes we’ve hurt another person so deeply, or for so many times, that they just can’t let it go. This may not be your need—and I hope it isn’t—but it could come in handy one day. Or, perhaps a friend needs to hear this. Either way, pass it on, or file it for safekeeping. But if it is you, then put it to work! Recently I was talking…

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Great Grief


As the drifter was taking his seat, I told him, “My own dear wife of 33 years died suddenly in 2007. It was the worst pain I’ve ever known. It absolutely crushed me.” He said, “Then you know that you never get over it.” “On the contrary,” I said, “I know that you can! The Lord really can fully mend us even of a great grief. I am totally and completely free.” That got his attention. He Had Only Been…

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The New Creation You (And How to Believe in It)

The “New Creation” you is the real you. You must believe in the new you. How will you ever become the person you know you are deep down, if you don’t become a believer in the new you? It is not as easy as you might think, because the first step is to STOP believing in the old you! We literally have to clear the way for the Lord. Otherwise we are liable to sabotage all of His efforts to bring…

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