HorizonFlans Modded Factions PvP Server Now Launched July 2018!

if you are searching for that epic & pleasurable Modern, technical, War-themed & optimized raiding server with no weird addons or controlled gameplay, Horizonflans Server is definitely the choice of yours. Horizonflans features a big map, very simplified gameplay with nice economy system and special item system. Gain money by the ways you want yourself. PvP, War, Raiding other players or just farming are all made

easy for you. every sector of the gameplay has also been modified. For example, if you wish to mine ores and other materials to get currency, you can use "mechas"  to speed it up, or multiply your cathes with mekanism machines!


  • 20.7.2018

    Horizonflans Server Now Published!

    After 2 weeks of harsh work, we are proud and happy publish a new compele HorizonFlans server with a completely new technical vibe added to the gameplay! Join, and see yourself!

  • 16.7.2018

    Horizonflans launching soon!

    The Staff has been working really hard with moving to new server, generating new custom world and setting up new mods. You will be able to play soon!

  • 11.7.2018

    Mekanism and addons for it added!

    Horizonflans staff has decided to add mekanism mod and addons like mekanism tools and mekanism generators, and maybe even a nuclear addon will be added!

  • 9.7.2018

    Horizonflans adminstration changes [Breaking]

    From now on, the owner, theFingames

    will step down on main admintration and responsibility of Horizonflans, but will continue with his title "Owner" . Other staff, like goldsloth, Gobyy and DarthKrypton will take the major responsibility from now on. Horizonflans WILL continue it's services.

  • 8.7.2018

    World corruption

    Today, as staff woke up we were welcomed with catastrophe in the server. First we were optimistic about fix, as it showed that backup would have been there. But it somehow wasn't there, or was deleted before.

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The server relies on heavy modified version of Flan's mod and own custom-made content packs, other content packs, and mekanism technical mod wich adds technical wibe and makes the gameplay interesting.+


For Tips & tricks, check out our F.A.Q


To join our minecraft server, we

recommend you to use technic launcher. 

Here's a ingenerately

If you still don't want to use technic

launcher, here's our (571) 251-5207

(937) 743-6835

Join us, and enjoy the Wide-ranged and

brutally best Minecraft experience ever!


Join HorizonFlans PvP Factions server NOW!

- To join our minecraft server, we recommend you to use technic launcher. 


- Here's a tutorial for that.


- If you still don't want to use technic launcher, here's our 201-835-7644


- Join us, and enjoy the war- optimized best Minecraft experience ever!


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