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I think my email is fine. Why do I need to encrypt my email?

Why not? You don’t have to change anything with your current email. Just use it when you want to.

SecureMyEmailTM is a fully-featured email client that can be used in parallel with your current email setup or software. You can use it for all your email, or just switch over to it for emails you want to ensure are protected. Even if you just use it for a few emails a year, it’s well worth the 99 cents.

Google, Yahoo, and other mail providers, read your email and attachments.

They state this is to better target ads to you, enforcement of their terms, or other reasons they may deem necessary. We’d guess it’s also about building one big ol’ permanent profile on you. Not cool.

Perhaps you consider this a fair exchange for free email service. Maybe you don’t. Point is, you probably would like the ability to send and receive a truly private email every now and then. Right? SecureMyEmailTM lets you choose what you share with your email provider. And what you don’t.

Email is more than just communication. It’s your digital filing cabinet.

If you’re like us, you save a lot of important things in your email. SecureMyEmailTM not only secures your email and attachments in transit but can protect them when they’re stored in email. Only you can access them and their contents.

Protect against identity thieves,
email hackers, and other assorted snoops.

Even if someone does break into your actual email account, email and attachments sent and received using SecureMyEmailTM will remain encrypted and of no use to them.

Plain old-fashioned privacy?

Not to get corny, and surely not to date ourselves, but we remember when putting something in “the mail” meant something and you didn’t dare tamper with it. There was a trust there and an expectation of privacy. Like its namesake, “email” should at least be as safe as putting something in an envelope. But it’s always been far worse. Until now.

You don’t have to learn a thing. It’s easy.

We spent over two years and a gazillion dollars making it that way. If you’re using email now, have no fear.

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