If You Want to Have Fun Just Say Cheese!

If You Want to Have Fun Just Say Cheese!

If You Want to Have Fun Just Say Cheese!

Poser is beautifully designed, built with the best materials and with a lot of love.

Poser can be customized - we’ll fit in perfectly at any event! Pinky-swear.

Want to take home a photo? Deals. We have fast, on-site printing.

Go ahead. Share all your photos on social media, right at the booth! We're rocking GIFs now!

Can’t find your photos at the end of the night? It’s cool - you can download for free from us.

I’m excited. You are too? Yes! Dance break!

Box of fun props included

Why choose Your Pro ?

  • Unlimited black and White or color high quality pictures
  • Professional grade dye-sublimation printer
  • Truly PORTABLE booth – Up stairs, elevators, doorways or over the river and through the woods!
  • Brand new equipment


  • Is there a deposit required to reserve an event date?
  • My event is only two hours long, is there a minimum length of time
  • I need to reserve a booth for?
  • I have seen other companies provide scrapbooks for the host
  • What about the fun props, are they included too?
  • Will someone be there to help with the scrapbook?
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