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We are an independent financial brokerage specialising in advising on life insurance and business protection products. A friendly and consultative approach to finding the best possible solution to match our clients demands and needs.

Our ethos of creating a relaxed and positive working environment puts our advisers in the perfect mindset to offer a relaxed and accurate service.

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Life Insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones if you were to die during the length of your policy.  If you have a partner, children or someone who relies on you for help or income, then you should consider life insurance.

Critical illness insurance offers a pay out if you get one of the specific medical conditions or injuries listed in the policy. Examples of this include; stroke, heart attack, certain types and stages of cancer and conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Income protection also sometimes known as permanent health insurance is a long term policy designed to help protect you during an injury or a period of illness. It allows your to receive a regular income until you are able to work again.

Life insurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense

Protect Your Loved Ones

Why Choose Blue Water Financial?

At Blue Water Financial we will help you understand the different types of policy available, how they work and the difference between joint and single cover.

Our advisers will always give you clear guidance and solutions so that you can successfully choose the right type of protection.

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