Welcome to Kiwi Collaborative.

We’re a local team of expert business consultants and technologists who have a proven track record of working together for clients.

You don’t need to worry about what skills you need, or where to find them. Just put your challenge to us and let us propose a team and methodology to help you ‘work the problem’.

Business Experience

Our team’s focus is on helping your business grow and succeed. One size never fits all so we adapt as needed for each organisation.

We bring bring real-world experience of your industry, the disruption it faces today and insights into what’s been tried before. All from a diverse group of people committed to collaborating together and with you.

Combining this with our technology accelerators and insights from our next-generation, fresh thinking associates, we can bring together everything you might need to prepare you for the future.


Fresh Thinking

Today, the world is changing so quickly that business can’t just fast follow competitors to stay in business.

Each organisation needs to both learn from the past and apply fresh thinking to the future. This requires access to a diverse mix of skills and thinking which can work together on a common challenge.

Kiwi Collaborative’s model allows you to access the kind of skills mix and fresh thinking our clients need.

We also work closely with research and educational organisations who are helping to define what’s coming. We combine this with new technology capabilities and help you build the future you want for your organisation.


We leverage the latest technology and embed it into our collaborative methodology to deliver even better results, faster and for less cost.

Think of our machine learning engines as ‘virtual’ consultants who help leverage data to create a fact base and insights for our engagements.

You might like what our virtual consultants can do so much you want to keep them … we can help with that too.



New Zealand has an innovative but resource constrained economy, so we need to think and work differently.

Kiwi Collaborative is different.

  • We’re not a large monolithic organisation, we’re a collaborative group of independent experts, thought leaders and technologists.
  • Our people are all locally based and have a large degree of independence to continually grow their skills and knowledge across many industries.
  • Teams (collaborations as we like to call them) are formed dynamically, bringing together the right mix of hard to find experts, thought leaders and technologists each client needs.

Please drop us an email to lee.mauger@kiwicollaborative.com, we’d like to start a conversation.