Finnegan Health Services: Arkansas Medical Supply Company
Arkansas Medical Supply Company

Finnegan: Arkansas Medical Supply Company | Since 1984

Finnegan Health Services is a family owned and operated Arkansas Medical Supply Company. By providing high-quality medical supplies to Arkansas patients since 1991, we consequently have become the go-to medical supply company chosen by hospitals and doctors.

Arkansas Medical Supply Company Since 1984 |

Little Rock | 888-789-6600



For Patients
& Family Caregivers

Whether you’re an individual in need of supplies or a family caregiver looking after the needs of a loved one, we’re here to help. Just call us, and we’ll walk you through the steps required to start getting supplies. While you normally would wait weeks for your medical supplies to arrive from other companies, Finnegan Health Services moves as quickly as possible. As a result of being in business since 1984, we know our stuff.



For Physicians,
APNs & Nurses

We created Hassle-free DME to lighten your load. A medical professional has limited time. We understand that and, therefore, we decided that we would do what work we could, for you. Arkansas Medicaid has many rules and regulations that we know backwards and forwards. Likewise, other insurances have the same type of rules. It takes a lot of time and understanding just for these rules, therefore your patients are in good hands with Finnegan Health Services.



For Social Workers
& Case Managers

Because Finnegan Health Services has decades of experience working with social workers and Medicaid/Medicare case managers, they trust us. You know how important medical supplies are to the people you care for, as well as quick care, and kind service. Is your patient not getting enough supplies every month? Because of our expertise, we can submit bids to provide waiver service or file for an extension of benefits for certain medical supplies.

Free shipping statewide through UPS, FedEx & USPS. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, & Insurance. 

Finally, What others say about Finnegan:

“My Finnegan rep was very sincere in providing me with help for my mom. He stayed on the phone until the job was done. Very good job.”

— ‘B,’ a family caregiver from Waldo

“They always go above and beyond every time I work with them. They always have great attitudes, even when I make bizarre requests. They make my job easier.”

— “C,” a social worker from Little Rock

“Each time I call, they are always kind polite and professional to me. I am grateful for the service they provide me.”

— “P,” a patient from Cave City

Don’t Have Insurance? Looking for Cash Supplies?

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