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More reps and more information on each rep will improve your recruitment, marketing, and sales. We have the most comprehensive databases of securities reps on the market.

Who We are – At a Glance

✔ OVER 700,000 US REGISTERED REPS - The most comprehensive Registered Rep Database on the market
✔ DAILY REGISTERED REP UPDATES – Enables SIE subscribers to quickly and daily find unique recruitment opportunities. This service is not offered by any other vendor source.
✔ Comprehensive Data on RIA Firms with officers
✔ Comprehensive Data on BD Firms with officers
✔ 1.2 million insurance agents


Data Points Include the Following

✔ Home and work info
✔ Over 200,000 Email Addresses
✔ Past employments
✔ Licenses Held
✔ AUM/Production estimates
✔ CRM integration
✔ Customized Research
✔ Daily updates
✔ Additional Recruitment Services


We’re Better! - Over 700,000 registered reps. More comprehensive than any other similar database on the market. Call us. We’ll prove it!

Lowest Price – We offer our services at a lower price than our competitors.

Special Features – Contact us regarding additional data fields as well as our Daily Update Subscription- a listing of new reps/rep firm changes/rep address changes Daily! Be among the first to contact reps with your products and services.

Contact Terri – or Nelson – 2065698396 for a free consultation and special offers.



About SIE

Since 1966 Select Information Exchange (SIE) has been supplying data to the financial industry, but don’t let the age of our firm give you the wrong impression – we use the latest data compilation and hygiene techniques to provide you with the highest quality data. We use Amazon cloud server technology, powered by Ruby on Rails programming and PostgreSQL database tools.

Our experienced and friendly data specialists are standing by and ready to help with your stockbroker recruiting , marketing , investor relations ,or sales data needs.

Please call 702-537-7674 to receive customized searches and price quotes or contact us at

This is the best way to identify and get contact info on stockbrokers in your recruiting or marketing area.


Yes, we can!

✔ Yes, we can provide CRM integration – WebAlly, Salesforce, and many others.

✔ Yes, we can provide customized data compilation and research services.

✔ Yes, we can provide data hygiene and matching services – updating your data with the latest information and providing tools to keep it clean. Call us now at 418-608-0735!

✔ Yes, we can provide you with additional marketing and recruiting services. Call us now at 215-631-7285!

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